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Thinking (About) Computers: With Kevin Leyton-Brown

Green College Staff

Thinking (About) Computers

With Kevin Leyton-Brown


[image - Artificial Intelligence: The Journey So Far, and the World in 2029 2030]

Even one year can see dramatic changes in the development of, and our usage of, Artificial Intelligence. The struck-out year on the title of Kevin Leyton-Brown’s talk, 2029 to 2030, is evocative of the pace at which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving and evolving in the twenty-first century.

I’ll stick with good old storytelling - Scott McIntyre

Green College Staff

I’ll stick with good old storytelling

-  Scott McIntyre

This semester’s John V. Clyne lecture series at Green College is presented by Scott McIntyre and focuses on the history of publishing in building Canadian literary culture. Founding partner of Douglas & McIntyre Publishers, Scott’s three lectures look at the role of publishers in shaping Canadian public literary culture.

Shifting Tradition With Dr. Imogen Coe

Green College Staff

Shifting Tradition With Dr. Imogen Coe
If you’re not feeling uncomfortable, then I haven’t done my job. -Dr. Imogen Coe

Introduced by Resident Member Daphne Ling as a “badass scientist,” Dr. Imogen Coe confronted institutional and structural barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in academia with her first of two talks this week.