Event Spaces for Rent

Coach House
The Coach House. Photo by Shona Dion

Interested in hosting an event at the College? Our unique character spaces will enhance any function. We are proud to host a range of retirement parties, retreats, conferences, workshops and receptions.

Have a look at our rooms and services, and envision your event on our stunning grounds!

Call 604-822-8660 or email gc.hospitality@ubc.ca to book your event now.


Coach House

Coach House
The Coach House. Photo by Don Erhardt

The Coach House is the site of most public lectures that take place at the College, and is typically a busy place on weeknights during the two terms of the main academic year.

Its lecture-style set-up makes the Coach House an ideal event venue. Whether it's a talk, a performance, or a book launch, the Coach House is a multi-purpose venue.

When the room is not reserved for events, residents are welcome to use the Coach House without a booking as an additional study space or for informal gatherings. Resident Committees may book a room for an organized event.

Residents with ideas for academic events that could be of interest to non-residents are invited to contact the Principal.

Set-up Capacity
Lecture seating (standard set-up) 80 people
For other room set-up requests other than lecture seating, please contact the Hospitality Coordinator.  

Reception Rooms

Piano Lounge
The Piano Lounge in Graham House. Photo by Shona Dion

The main space on the ground floor of Graham House is divided into two reception rooms: the Piano Lounge and the Billiards Room.

Residents and guests are welcome to use both the piano and billiards table in these areas, or simply to use the rooms as places to chat or enjoy some quiet time.

There is a wood-burning fireplace in the Piano Lounge, which creates an intimate ambiance for informal academic or social events during the winter months.

Set-up Capacity
For stand-up reception events (standard set-up) 75 people
When combined with the Billiards Room 150 people

William C. Gibson Room

Gibson Room
The Gibson Room. Photo by Shona Dion

The William C. Gibson Room is on the ground floor of the historic Graham House. The room is the perfect size for a small business meeting or conference, and it overlooks lush gardens.

Set-up Capacity
Boardroom (standard set-up) 18 people
Dining (banquet-style with tables separated) 24 people

Lower Patio

Lower patio
The lower patio. 

Overlooking tranquil gardens, Cecil Green Park House, the Pacific Ocean, and the North Shore Mountains, the Lower Patio is a picturesque location for your next outdoor event. In addition to taking in the natural views, enjoy looking up at the magnificent Graham House.

Great Hall

Great Hall
The Great Hall in Graham House. 

The Great Hall is an exceptional venue for large groups to book for special dinners and lunches, from holiday and retirement parties to conference meals.

Located on the 2nd floor of Graham House and with both elevator and stairway access, the Great Hall can accommodate up to approximately 150 people for served and buffet dinners and lunches, or large receptions. Three rows of four rectangular tables that seat up to 12 people each are a standard feature of the room (alternative set-ups may be possible—please inquire).

The room has:

  • A built-in projector screen
  • A podium facility with a connected audio and projection system (two ceiling-mounted speakers and a corded microphone)

Windows along the north and south walls give a view to the College on one side, and to the ocean, mountains and College gardens on the other.

The Great Hall is typically available when not in ordinary use by the College Resident Members:

  • Monday to Friday - 10:30 am to 4:00 pm

Washrooms are located on the two floors below in Graham House, and a wired internet connection is also available (in addition to UBC's wireless network access).

Set-up Capacity
Dining (standard set-up) 120 people
Dining (tables separated for a total of 12 tables) 144 people
For other room set-up requests, please contact the Hospitality Coordinator.  

Event Services

For more information or to inquire about venue bookings and/or catering please contact:

Green College Event Coordinator at 604.822.8660 or gc.hospitality@ubc.ca.