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GC Building History | Part 5 | The Exterior Spaces

Green College Staff

We have taken a journey through many facets of history and memory at the College, but we are far from finished. 

Last week, we explored the name behind Graham in Graham House. This week, we are going back to the character of Green College, specifically the exterior spaces.

When exploring the meaning behind the resident building and rooms, the purpose of the walkways came to light. The architects of Green College designed the walkways in such a particular way as to invite and create conversations in the most unexpected ways.

GC Building History | Part 2 | The Architects

Green College Staff

Last week, we provided a little background on the buildings that make up the College.

But who were the people behind the buildings we live, play and occupy today? What energy, process and thought went into the ideas, creativity and beauty within the buildings that stand the test of time?

We answer those questions today.

The story is not a straightforward one, but like all stories, it’s filled with wonder, missteps and a conclusion.

Path to Glory

Green College Staff

Have you walked the Path to Glory? This oil painting of the squash clubhouse that sits next to Green College is titled just that. “Path to Glory” was painted by David Walker (Professor Emeritus in the Department of Chemistry) in 2003.

Unfortunately, David Walker passed away on October 9th, 2020.

A Forte-tuitous Evening with Pianist Jane Coop

Green College Staff


“If you’re a musician, you’re a musician, no matter what you do for a living.”

This is the advice Jane Coop has given to many students over the course of her at least thirty years teaching piano and chamber music at UBC. Coop is one of Canada’s most prominent artists, a pianist who has traveled the world and has the stories to prove it.

'City Full of Dreams': A Conversation with Kamala Todd and GC Leading Scholars

Green College Staff


I wish I had been counting the number of times Kalama Todd said the word “lands” in her 45 minute talk. The quantitative value of that number might have indicated, more than any qualitative words I might write here, the importance of land to Todd’s work and her talk, presented at Green College on February 16 and entitled ‘Confront Colonialism and Racism in the Post-Pandemic City: Lessons for Educators’.

A (Virtual) Home Visit at Green by the Resident ‘Dissident Doctor’

Green College Staff


The way we treat pregnant women and their babies, according to Dr. Michael Klein, is important in many ways, not least of which is that the way society regards childbirth is a marker for its values.

Dr. Klein joined the Green College virtual Coach House on February 11 to give a talk entitled ‘Childbirth for Grandparents: Childbirth as a Metaphor’ as part of the Senior Scholars series which displays the life stories of the community’s accomplished and diverse scholars as they reflect on the twists and turns they’ve taken.