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GC Building History | Part 5 | The Exterior Spaces

Green College Staff

We have taken a journey through many facets of history and memory at the College, but we are far from finished. 

Last week, we explored the name behind Graham in Graham House. This week, we are going back to the character of Green College, specifically the exterior spaces.

When exploring the meaning behind the resident building and rooms, the purpose of the walkways came to light. The architects of Green College designed the walkways in such a particular way as to invite and create conversations in the most unexpected ways.

GC Building History | Part 2 | The Architects

Green College Staff

Last week, we provided a little background on the buildings that make up the College.

But who were the people behind the buildings we live, play and occupy today? What energy, process and thought went into the ideas, creativity and beauty within the buildings that stand the test of time?

We answer those questions today.

The story is not a straightforward one, but like all stories, it’s filled with wonder, missteps and a conclusion.