Green Lanterns and Support Services

We know that the transition to graduate school in a new city can seem overwhelming.

At Green College, it doesn't have to be: In addition to College and UBC resources and services, you have access to an immediate support system of fellow Greenies around you.

Take a look at resources right here at the College, as well as the many support initiatives and services available at UBC.

Green Lanterns

The Green Lanterns are a group of volunteer Resident Members established as a resource to provide expert referrals and assistance for residents at the peer-level. Green Lantern candidates are nominated to the Green Lantern Selection Committee, a committee comprised of Resident Members and current Green Lanterns. Successful nominees are then endorsed by Green College, however they operate independently from Green College. Discussions with Green Lanterns are confidential outside of rare and exceptional circumstances such as when self-harm or harm to others is likely to occur. Whether or not it is related to the College, Green Lanterns are here for you.

  • by being a neutral but supportive space to sound-out concerns you may have experienced or observed in the community
  • by providing advice or help accessing UBC support resources
  • by advising them of resources and strategies on how to work through a problem or concern constructively and productively
  • by connecting people to resources and counseling services
  • by listening to and direct you to support if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, or lonely 
  • by helping facilitate conversations with another resident (note that Green Lanterns are not a conflict resolution service; a resident conflict likely needs referral to the Green College Office).
  • by being a good listener if you just need someone sympathetic to talk to, about anything at all.

Click here to submit an anonymous comment, set up an appointment, or submit a comment for anonymous advice.


Your 2023-2024 Green Lanterns

  • William Huang

    My name is William Huang (he/him/his) and I am currently in my second year of law (JD) at UBC. I have over two years of training and experience in supportive listening and crisis intervention when I did my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta just before coming to UBC. In addition to experience discussing a wide variety of topics, I have also organized various educational and community building events such as a panel about relationships in the LGBTQ2S+ community. In my spare time you might see me playing various sports such as soccer or volleyball, streaming Netrunner, playing a group board game, at the piano, or enjoying a nice walk along the beach. Please feel free to reach out for any reason via the method you feel most comfortable. I am always more than happy to support you in any way I can; no issue is too big or too small.

  • Anahita Karandikar
    Anahita Karandikar

    My name is Anahita Karandikar (she/her/hers), and I am a second year student in the Economics PhD program at UBC. I am a Director and Women in Econ/Policy, a non-profit working to make the field of Economics less gender-unequal. My research interests lie in behavioural development economics, political economy and gender. In particular, I am interested in how social norms and experiences in childhood and adolescence influence the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills and women’s participation in the labour market. I have experience in psychological first aid and supportive listening. My background also includes several years of teaching (at the school and undergraduate level) and peer-mentorship. I am always happy to listen and talk through any interpersonal, academic, professional or mental well-being related issue and help with navigating access to resources and further support. Say hello or contact me via phone, text message, email or in-person when you see me.

  • Prerna Kundu
    Prerna Kundu

    My name is Prerna Kundu (she/her/hers), and I am a third-year Economics Ph.D. student at UBC. My research fields are development and behavioral economics, with a focus on gender. At UBC, I have worked for a year as a teaching assistant, providing support to students through academic difficulties, and helping them navigate university resources. I am the Founder of Women in Econ/Policy, an India-based nonprofit working to make the field of Economics more inclusive, and have several years of mentorship experience. You’re always welcome to reach out to me with any academic, personal, interpersonal, or mental health-related issues you would like to speak about. I am happy to offer whatever assistance I can and direct you to where you may be able to receive further support. Please say hi or contact me by email, text, phone call, in-person when you see me, or by coming by my room.

  • Layla Haddad
    Layla Haddad

    My name is Layla Haddad (she/they), and I am completing my first year of the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs. I have a strong passion for social justice and equity work, which I plan to integrate into my time at UBC and beyond. I am a strong advocate for creating inclusive and welcoming spaces, emphasizing the importance of respect, transparency and communication when interacting with others. I love to learn from others and am ready to be a resource to any of you who need someone to talk to or need someone to listen to you. If you have any issues related to your living situation, school life, mental health, or anything else, you are welcome to chat with me. Your comfort is my priority, and I am here to help with anything you may need.


What is the purpose of the Green Lanterns?
Green Lanterns are a group of Resident Members who are committed to providing problem solving assistance at the peer-level. Whether or not it is related to the College, they are here for you. Green Lanterns have awareness of and provide referrals to relevant UBC resources as appropriate. 

How are the Green Lanterns selected and trained?
Resident Members were asked to nominate themselves or their peers as Green Lantern candidates. The Green Lantern Selection Committee, composed of resident volunteers, then interview nominees and ask behavioural-based questions about handling difficult situations. Selected Green Lanterns are then provided training in resource navigation.

How do I get in contact with a Green Lantern?
Contact information is on this page, but is also generally posted on the notice boards around Green College. If you would like to speak to one of them, you are welcome to email them and set up an appointment, or catch them when they're meandering around the college.

Will my discussion with a Green Lantern remain confidential?
Discussions with Green Lanterns are confidential outside of rare and exceptional circumstances. When self-harm or harm to others is likely to occur, Green Lanterns are duty-bound to refer the matter to an outside party. In all other circumstances, they do not discuss in specifics what is said to them. As a team, Green Lanterns may speak with each other in generalities for support for both themselves and to provide the best possible support for you.

Issues we can address How we can address it How we do not address it
A resident needs personal/emotional support during a difficult time. Green Lanterns can provide a listening ear, and provide referrals to UBC counselling and connect residents with the appropriate resources. Green Lanterns cannot provide ongoing psychological/counselling support.
A resident is having a conflict with another resident. Green Lanterns can set up a meeting between the parties and be available to facilitate the conversation. If the matter involves a Residence Standards violation, a referral to the Green College Office is most appropriate. Green Lanterns are unbiased in such conflicts and will not take sides or resolve the conflict themselves.

Support and Services at Green College

In addition to the Green Lanterns, a special group of independent residents, trained and supported to support Resident Members at a peer level, the Green College staff are also a good first line to help. Staff can help clarify any questions you may have about how things are done and help identify where solutions might be found. The Green College Wellness Committee is another valuable College resource dedicated to coordinating various events throughout the year for health and wellness, ranging from art nights, dialogues on sexuality, workshops and more.

In alignment with UBC Policies, including Policy SC7 (Discrimination) and Policy SC13 (At-Risk Behaviour), Green College is committed to a harassment-free and sexual-assault-free environment; one that has no tolerance for harassment or sexual assault, that encourages harassment and sexual assault concerns to be brought forward, that commits to sensitive and timely responses to such concerns, and guarantees a transparent, timely and effective administrative process in dealing with such concerns. More on this and the College's policies and procedures can be consulted in the Resident's Handbook.

Support and Services at UBC

UBC has a lot to offer for graduate students residing in Green College. Here are just some of the few that are out there:

Academic English Support (AES)

AES provides free, professional language support to UBC students who speak English as a second/additional language. Please check the AES program website for more information.

International House

International Student Advisors at International House can help with information and guidance regarding the most common questions from international students who are new to UBC. Their services include help regarding immigration and employment, medical insurance, and personal and cultural transition to the UBC learning environment.

Arriving to Vancouver and Settling In

Professional Development / Academic Support

Advising, Wellness and Counselling Services

Conflict Resolution

Fitness and Recreation

Other Resources