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A Conversation with Pianist Jaeden Izik-Dzurko, Green College Resident Member

Green College Staff

Jaeden Izik-Dzurko is an emerging BC-born pianist and Green College Resident Member. He is the First Prize winner at the 2022 Hilton Head International Piano Competition, the 2022 Maria Canals International Music Competition and the 20th Paloma O’Shea Santander International Piano Competition. In late March, he took time out of his schedule to sit down with Green College Resident Member Noah Stevens to talk about his life as a pianist and his time at Green.

How did you get started playing the piano?

Literary Forms, Frye and a Farewell: Mark Vessey Gives the Richard V. Ericson Lecture

Green College Staff

On the twelfth edition of the Richard V. Ericson Lecture in honour of Green College’s first Principal, Mark Vessey punctuated his fifteen-year stay as the head of the College.

Ten minutes past the start time, chairs were still being brought into the Coach House to accommodate the overflow of guests, including Green College Advisory Board Members, Resident Members, Members of Common Room, former residents, members of the English faculty and those who share an interest in English literature.

Propaganda Old and New: Greg Woolf Compares the Rhetoric of Augustus and Vladimir Putin

Green College Staff

There were early signs that Green College was reaching the end of winter on March 7th. The sun was still shining at five in the afternoon as the audience slowly filtered into the Coach House to see Greg Woolf, the Ronald J. Mellor Distinguished Professor of Ancient History at UCLA and Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professor at UBC, give his talk, “Fake News is Old News: A Hostile Reading of the Emperor Augustus’ Last Words.”

The Reassertion of Memory: Nataliia Ivchyk Discusses Holocaust Memorials in Ukraine

Green College Staff

The path to the Green College Coach House was among Vancouver’s busiest freeways on January 25th for Nataliia Ivchyk’s lecture, “A Bridge over the Chasm of Oblivion: Creating Spaces of Holocaust Remembrance in Modern Day Ukraine.”

Not a seat was empty and the walls found themselves supporting the remaining audience for Green College’s third John Grace Memorial Visitor in Residence, a residency program set up in memory of the founding Dean of Green College and former Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, John Grace.

War, Representation and the Potential of Poetry: The Fighting Words of George Elliott Clarke and Gary Geddes

Green College Staff

As the hustle and bustle of September 2022 began to give way to October, Canadian poets George Elliott Clarke and Gary Geddes joined the Green College community in a discussion of anti-war poetry and its pressing relevance today.

Art, Animation and Changing the World: An Interview with Green College Animator in Residence Sara Barackzay

Green College Staff

Afghanistan's first female animator and current John Grace Memorial Animator in Residence at Green College reflects on her childhood, early career and the struggles of Afghan women and girls

The most important thing to understand about Afghanistan’s first female animator, Sara Barackzay, is that from an early age, she has known exactly what her purpose in life is.