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War, Representation and the Potential of Poetry: The Fighting Words of George Elliott Clarke and Gary Geddes

Green College Staff

As the hustle and bustle of September 2022 began to give way to October, Canadian poets George Elliott Clarke and Gary Geddes joined the Green College community in a discussion of anti-war poetry and its pressing relevance today.

Art, Animation and Changing the World: An Interview with Green College Animator in Residence Sara Barackzay

Green College Staff

Afghanistan's first female animator and current John Grace Memorial Animator in Residence at Green College reflects on her childhood, early career and the struggles of Afghan women and girls

The most important thing to understand about Afghanistan’s first female animator, Sara Barackzay, is that from an early age, she has known exactly what her purpose in life is.

How AI Impacts Decision-Making: Ajay Agrawal Explores the Power of Predictions

Green College Staff


Thursday April 29th was not the first time Ajay Agrawal has been to Green College. The Richard V. Ericson lecturer from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto was in fact visiting his old stomping grounds when he attended the Coach House to give a lecture on the economic disruptive capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).

Philosophy Professor Amber Carpenter Speaks at the College on the Challenge of Seeking Ideal Knowledge

Green College Staff

Imagine a Platonist and a Buddhist discussing the ultimate moral task.

Like most conversations, at least conversations of the academic debate variety, there are many points where people might disagree. Yet, it is Yale-NUS philosopher Amber Carpenter’s task to discover where they might, surprisingly, agree on knowledge, virtue and the goal of living a moral life.

The Multitudes of Margaret: An Interview with Green College’s Poet in Residence

Green College Staff

In early March, 2022, Green College Resident Member Jane Willsie interviewed the College’s current Poet in Residence, Margaret Christakos, about her work, artistic process and residency so far. The following is a transcript of that conversation. It has been edited for length and clarity.