Current Lecture Series

2024-25 Interdisciplinary and Cross-Sectoral Lecture and Discussion Series

Series Name
Series Description

Early Music Vancouver at Green College

Organized by Early Music Vancouver

Series description and poster coming soon!

Series Conveners:

Event Dates: Sep 25, Oct 23, Dec 4, Jan 15, Feb 5

Emeritus College Series             
Disciplines Over Time: Making, Keeping and Breaking the Boundaries of Knowledge

Co-hosted with UBC Emeritus College

Series description and poster coming soon!

Series Conveners: Donald Fisher, Foundation Fellow, Green College; Emma Cunliffe, Principal, Green College

Event Dates: Oct 24, Nov 21Jan 16, Feb 27, Mar 20, Apr 10

Green College Leading Scholars' Series
Precarity and Uncertainty

Series description and poster coming soon!

Series Conveners:

Event Dates: Oct 22, Nov 28, Jan 30, Feb 26, Mar 26

Resident Members' Series

Each week, the Green College Resident Members’ Series features a different presenter (or presenters) from among the Resident Members of Green College. Graduate students, Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars offer talks and events on their areas of research or study and, as appropriate, bring in their research colleagues from outside the College. 

Series Conveners: Nicolo Jimenez, Geography; Erin Evans, Microbiology and Immunology

Event Dates: TBA

Special Lectures and Events

Talks and performances by visitors invited to Green College and UBC for the Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professorships Program, the Richard V. Ericson Lectures and other endowed appointments, and by distinguished Visiting Scholars, Writers, Artists, Journalists, etc. in Residence at the College, and Early Music Vancouver among others.

Event Dates: Sep 26, Oct 2, Oct 3, Oct 9, Oct 10, Oct 15, Oct 16, Oct 17, Mar 12, Mar 18, Mar 25, Mar 27 (More dates to be added!)

Green College Leading Scholars' Series
Truth and Knowledge

Series description and poster coming soon!

Series Conveners:

Event Dates: Oct 31, Nov 27, Jan 23, Feb 12, Mar 5

The Whole Cloth Reading Series

Co-organized with Creative Writing, UBC

An experience in deep listening, each Whole Cloth Reading Series event features a single poet who reads an entire book of poems from cover to cover. While poets devote immense craft to shaping a book, public readings tend to favor selections and excerpts. Uniting writer and audience in a celebration of expansive and unhurried attention, this series creates a rare environment for the investigation of poetry, sound, delivery and reciprocity. Each event features a transformative (short!) book and concludes in time for a cordial reception and conversation.

Series Conveners: Elee Kraljii Gardiner, poet; Bronwen Tate, Creative Writing

Event Dates: Oct 30, Nov 20, Jan 22, Apr 2

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