An Ocean of Stories: Kalani Reyes talks about the Deep Pacific Podcast

Green College Staff

Patchworks is a monthly podcast run by a group of resident members at Green College at the University of British Columbia on the unceded and occupied traditional territories of the Musqueam. The goal of the podcast is to amplify stories of IBPoC resistance, organizing, and dreaming by emerging and established Vancouver-based and international scholars, activists and community organizers. The current hosts of the podcast are Patara McKeen, Rodney Stehr, Jane Willsie. If you have any questions or inquiries please contact us via email:

Kalani Reyes

Episode 1
An Ocean of Stories: Kalani Reyes talks about the Deep Pacific Podcast

Kalani and Rodney's conversation dives into how her Chamorro heritage and Micronesian upbringing influenced her work as executive producer of the Indigenous podcast Deep Pacific. Deep Pacific is a growing, ground-breaking new podcast series that weaves diverse Pacific Island voices and experiences together to educate and connect emerging voices from across the pacific. Rodney speaks on how this podcast impacted him as a Pasifika living in diaspora and the importance that podcasts like Deep Pacific play in connecting communities and raising awareness.

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