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An Ocean of Stories: Kalani Reyes talks about the Deep Pacific Podcast

Green College Staff

Patchworks is a monthly podcast run by a group of resident members at Green College at the University of British Columbia on the unceded and occupied traditional territories of the Musqueam. The goal of the podcast is to amplify stories of IBPoC resistance, organizing, and dreaming by emerging and established Vancouver-based and international scholars, activists and community organizers. The current hosts of the podcast are Patara McKeen, Rodney Stehr, Jane Willsie.

A Farewell to Danny

Green College Staff

Saying goodbye to the man in the navy polo shirt who’s been looking after Green College for 15 years.

The nature of student housing is that there is a very high turnover. Every year, students move in and out, some finished their degrees and off to greater things while others are just beginning to embark on their academic ventures. Through this continual ingress and egress at Green College, one figure has remained a constant for 15 years.