Safe Operations During COVID-19

Last updated September 7, 2022

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Communicable Disease Prevention Framework

Green College staff and our partners in Student Housing and Community Services follow a communicable disease prevention framework. Communicable disease prevention outlines how Public Health and individuals can work together to prevent the spread of communicable disease. It is intended to educate members of the campus community on such measures so that we all better understand the layers of protection. A communicable disease is an illness caused by an infectious agent or its toxic product that can be transmitted in a work, research or academic environment from one person to another (i.e. influenza, COVID-19, norovirus).

As of May 1, 2022, UBC transitioned from COVID-19 Safety Plans to a Communicable Disease Prevention Framework in alignment with the BC Centre for Disease ControlWorkSafeBC, and Public Health Guidance for Post-Secondary Institutions.

COVID-19 Campus Rules

See the full guide above for full details. Highlights:

  • Daily health self-assessments: A daily self-health assessment is required before attending campus, and is to be performed daily for those living on campus to monitor their condition.
  • Stay home if you are sick: If you feel sick stay home use the Thrive Health self-assessment tool for guidance.
  • Signage: Everyone must follow relevant signage when moving around UBC campuses or worksites.
  • Communicable disease prevention framework: Supervisors will ensure that all faculty, staff and contractors are familiar with the latest guidance from the Provincial Public Health Officer as it relates to their work areas.

Please note that UBC no longer requires students, faculty and staff to wear non-medical masks. Instead, UBC recommends that masks be worn in indoor public spaces. There are no province-wide requirements for the wearing of non-medical masks; see the BC Government Website for the latest provincial rules.

COVID-19 Green College Residence Rules

The residence rules are similar and provide more contextual guidance for living in residence.

Notably, if a resident entered or is re-entering Canada and required to quarantine by the Government of Canada and they live in a shared living environment (i.e. grad single or split level type with a shared washroom) at Green College, they cannot serve that quarantine at Green College. They must quarantine in a different, private space before moving into or returning to their unit at the College. They must make separate accommodation arrangements.

Tested positive for COVID-19? Please notify our Membership Coordinator.  A resident recommended by a public health authority to self-isolate must do so in their own room/unit for as long as recommended by that public health authority. Find additional information regarding self-isolation requirements.

Resident Members observing self-isolation protocols are expected to not go to work, school and to avoid public places. Spaces at the College other than your assigned unit are considered shared/public with other residents and Resident Members who are self-isolating should not be in them. That includes not using the Great Hall and Common Kitchen. Members who are self-isolating can request meal boxes / bagged breakfasts from the Dining Society.


COVID-19 and Guests

Healthy residents are permitted to host guests in their unit in accordance with the usual requirements outlined in the Residence Contract. Residents are responsible for ensuring their guests follow the COVID-19 Residence Rules. For all residents intending to have guests, please see our Guest Policy for COVID-19, and the guest responsibility form.