Lecture Series and Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

During each academic year, Green College hosts a number of lecture series that are open without charge to College members, the UBC community and the general public. These series are presented by the College in collaboration with faculty members from UBC departments and programs who act as convenors, coordinating themes and speakers.

Interdisciplinary events usually take place at the College before or after dinner. These times are outside typical classroom and business hours, reflecting the extracurricular nature of the College's academic programming. This makes it easy for anyone who attends the talks to join the speakers and College residents for dinner.

For a list of our most current Green College Interdisciplinary Series, please visit here.

Cross-Sectoral Consultations: Multi-year Series

In addition to hosting compelling lectures, Green College is also home to cross-sectoral consultations— a unique, interdisciplinary format that keeps ongoing engagement on a topic over several years.

The Next Urban Planet: Rethinking the City in Time Series, 2016-17.

Conferences and Workshops

Want to host a conference, workshop or event at Green College? We are always welcoming new collaborations! Please contact the Principal to discuss how we might help support your activities as a sponsor, partner or host.

Some of our Lecture Series also culminate in a concluding Workshop, Seminar or Discussion Group, arranged by our partner departments, such as was done in the Hope in the Anthropocene Workshop in 2018. For inquiries on such opportunities, contact the College's Academic Program Manager.

2018 Hope in the Anthropocene Workshop: Sustainability, Solutions and Inspirations. For notes on this workshop, view the Hope Report.