On the Emergence of Multicellularity: Mathematical Foundations


  • Merlin Pelz, Applied Mathematics
    Coach House, Green College, UBC

    Monday, May 8, 8-9pm
    in the series
    Green College Resident Members' Series
  • In this talk, Merlin Pelz will give a quick introduction into (modern) mathematics, its techniques of developing understanding of what is not yet known and give some background needed for understanding his PhD research. Merlin will then introduce recovering pattern formation in cell systems (in other words: cell specialization in cell communities) with a foundational mathematical set-up, providing the basis for further research. Prerequisites: None (except for openness towards mathematics)

    Merlin Pelz is a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics at UBC. Merlin has majored in pure and applied mathematics since his bachelor's studies, and has additional background in engineering science, computer science and theoretical physics (at the University of Bayreuth and the Technical University of Munich). Before starting with this PhD, he obtained work and research experience at the German Aerospace Center, the University of Chicago and the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, and he is now focusing on rigorously further developing mathematical biology. Specifically, his current research in collaboration with his advisor is on pattern formation in compartmental-reaction diffusion systems, which has direct implications for developmental biology. Most importantly, Merlin is enjoying living at this beautiful and open place called Green College.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all of our lectures are free to attend and do not require registration.

May 8th, 2023 from  8:00 PM to  9:00 PM
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