Residence Rooms and Grounds

Residence Rooms

Green College will assign you a room type before you arrive to live in residence. Each type of accommodation includes:

  • Your own private workspace
  • A large personal room
  • A bed, desk, armoire, bookcase, two chairs and two lamps (a desk and floor lamp)

Please note in the photos below that some items have been purchased by Resident Members. Unless they are the items listed above, they are not included in the room.

NOTE: Resident Members are assigned to specific room types based on their level of study or relationship status. Graduate students are assigned to grad single and split-level room types, with split-level room types generally reserved for members who have been at the College for a full year. Studios are reserved for Postdoctoral Scholars and couples.

The different types of rooms at the College are:

Single Room

Single room

Each single-occupancy room shares a bathroom with another single room.

These rooms measure approximately 180 square feet each.


Single room

Single room

Single room

Single Room Split

Single room split

Two single-occupancy rooms share a bathroom in a two-level suite, with an additional shared living area.

Each split measures approximately 663 square feet in total, and each single room is approximately 180 square feet.

Split level room

Split level room

Split level common living area

Studio Room

Studio room

A self-contained room with its own bathroom, suitable for single or double occupancy (priority is given to Postdoctoral Fellows, Visiting Scholars and couples).

Studio rooms measure around 312 (standard) square feet each.

Studio room

Studio room

Studio room


See the Fees page for more information on differences in cost per accommodation option.

While we cannot guarantee your placement in a given room type, please discuss any particular needs or preferences with upon accepting your membership offer and tenancy. However, please note that preference can generally only extend from single room to split room, due to priority assignment of studio rooms.

Please note that our residential buildings are not generally suitable for persons with mobility or agility disabilities. Much of the property is on steep terrain, and there are many stairs throughout the facility.

If you have a disability of this type and are interested in applying for resident membership, please contact the Membership Coordinator at for more detailed information on the College's ability to accommodate your needs.

Residential Grounds

Residential Grounds
A view of A North Residence from the fragrance garden with cherry blossoms in full bloom. Photo by Don Erhardt

One of the benefits of living at Green College is around-the-clock access to a wide range of facilities just outside your residence room.

Graham House and The Coach House

Residential Grounds
Piano Lounge, in Graham House. Photo by David Dunkley-Gymiah

Find spaces to curl up with a book and a cup of tea, play the piano, or plug in your laptop and study.

The Reading Room

Residential Grounds
The Reading Room, Graham House. Photo by Don Erhardt

Catch up on news from around the world and leaf through publications by some of our members and visitors. Here, you'll have access to a well-stocked library of books from across all disciplines.

Green Commons

Residential Grounds
A view of Green Commons. Photo by Shona Dion

Watch TV or just hang out in this recreational room reserved for residents.


Grounds and Gardens


Residential Grounds
A view of the garden. Photo by Shona Dion

Explore the stunning College gardens, including a Rose Garden and an outdoor patio sitting area. It's the perfect spot to catch the sunset.