Meal Plan

Resident Members at Dinner in the Great Hall
Resident Members at Dinner in the Great Hall.

Meal Plan

A major part of College life revolves around dinner in the Great Hall. This is how residents get to know other members of the College and stay connected. It's also how they get to know other members of the broader community including special in-residence guests, visiting scholars, guests from our Guest House, and members of the public.

You'll find that the Great Hall at dinnertime is just as lively an academic, interdisciplinary discussion space as the Coach House, and that ideas and conversation tend to flow between the locations. Many theses and dissertations have been born, reworked, and refined over dinner at the College!

The meal plan is compulsory for residents, who automatically become members of the Green College Dining Society (GCDS). Residents dine together at five dinners and five breakfasts each week. A Common Kitchen is available for meal preparation outside of meal plan times.

The Green College Dining Society has limited capacity to meet special dietary requirements. If you have any requirements, please contact to discuss before you apply for resident membership at the College.

For more on meal plan fees, click here.