Awards and Fees

Entrance Awards

Successful applicants for admission to Green College are automatically considered for the R. Howard Webster Graduate Fellowship and, if eligible, for the N. H. Benson International Graduate Award.

All awards are valid for one year (non-renewable).

R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellowships

Graduate student Resident Members of Green College are eligible for the R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellowships, endowed by the R. Howard Webster Foundation and the Province of British Columbia. The fellowships are open to graduate students in any field studying at the University of British Columbia who become Resident Members of Green College. Ten to twelve awards, worth $2,000-$2,500 each, are made in a typical year.

N. H. Benson International Graduate Award

The N.H. Benson International Graduate Award is endowed annually to an international student admitted to Green College. The award is funded by an endowment provided by Dr. Keith Benson, second Principal of Green College (2004-06), in memory of his father, Norman Harold Benson (1916-2011). One award of around $2,000 is made each year.

Residence Fees

Residence fees and meal plan fees are set for each year, beginning September 1 through August 31. All fees are due by the first business day of every month, and are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

You have the option to pre-pay all of your fees for the term or for the entirety of the contract year.

Residence Fees* and Payment Schedule

Residence fees apply to UBC students or postdoctoral fellows on contract and include include electricity, heat, hot water, basic cablevision and ResNet (internet) services. 

Year Round Contract Fees

September 1, 2023 - August 24, 2024

Single Room
Large Studio
Due on acceptance $1,050 $1,300 $1,300

Due first of each month

(September 1 - June 1)

$824.82 $1,117.96 $1,399.17
Final payment due July 1 $386.78 $647.41 $1,137.26
Total $9,684.98 $13,127.01 $16,428.96

*All residence fees are subject to approval by UBC's Board of Governors.

For more information, please see Student Housing.

How to pay residence fees:

Meal Plan Fees

Participation in the meal plan is mandatory for all residents and their partners.

Note, September 2023 Meal plan fees will remain at $510 (untaxed) or $535.50 (taxed). Tax applies for all non-students living at Green College.

Monthly Meal Plan Fees, October 2023 - August 2024


Occupant Type
Meal Plan Fee
Student* $540.60 (tax exempt) $378.42 + $18.92 tax

$432.48 + $21.62 tax if leaving on or before Aug 24

$540.60 (tax exempt) if staying through

Non-Student $567.63 ($540.60 + $27.03 tax) $378.42 + $18.92 tax

$432.48 + $21.62 tax if leaving on or before Aug 24

$540.60 + $27.03 tax if staying through

* If partner is a student, documentation must be provided to the Green College Administration Office in order to be tax-exempt on the meal plan.

**Fees are reduced for December due to the annual (two-week) kitchen holiday shutdown. Fees are reduced in August for residents who are leaving at the end of the residence contract ending August 24 (one-week); anyone who re-signed the residence contract stays through and will otherwise pay the regular monthly meal plan fee for August. The Green College Dining Society (GCDS) fixed the discount in each of these months to the Membership Fee Reduction Standard plus one week (e.g. three weeks / 30% in December and two weeks / 20% in August). Your invoice will automatically be reduced by the GCDS

How to pay meal plan fees:

  • Meal plan fees are paid directly to the GCDS by dropping a pre-authorized cheque/money order payment in the drop-box in the Great Hall. Automatic payments can be set up using the the Pre-Authorized Debit form. Credit and debit payments will be accepted in the servery. Electronic funds transfers through VanCity Savings Credit Union will be accepted shortly, with details to follow.
  • GCDS meal plan fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, and are subject to change by the GCDS.

Meal Plan Fees and the Membership Fee Reduction (MFR) Standard

MFR is both a program and a flexible meal plan fee-reduction standard used in a number of GCDS processes. As a program, it is a way for members to apply for and reduce their monthly meal plan fees when away from the College. The standard is also used for bookkeeping (billing) calculations such as late arrivals, etc..

The reason for the standard is this: all members are responsible for and contribute towards the upkeep of the Society, even when not eating meals. Approximately 50% of the Society's monthly fee goes to fixed costs such as salaries, utilities, etc., that must always be paid. The remaining 50% may be reduced. MFR reduces the fee by 10% per 7 consecutive days within a calendar month, up to 50% for an entire month. The use of MFR incurs a loss of our student tax exemption; the remaining amount owing is taxable.

Please note that for the 2022-2023 year, the MFR program was capped at $2,500 in total reductions per month. If the total applications exceeded the cap, all applicants would get a proportional reduction within the cap threshold.


Membership Fee Reduction Schedule

September 2022 - September 2023

1 week 10% $51 $459+tax
2 weeks 20% $102 $408+tax
3 weeks 30% $153 $357+tax
4 weeks 40% $204 $306+tax
1 Month 50% $255 $255+tax



Membership Fee Reduction Schedule

October 2023 - August 2024

1 week 10% $54.06 $486.54+tax
2 weeks 20% $108.12 $432.48+tax
3 weeks 30% $162.18 $378.42+tax
4 weeks 40% $216.24 $324.36+tax
1 Month 50% $270.30 $270.30+tax