Meet Trevor Campbell, Assistant Professor, Statistics, Green College Leading Scholar 2019-21

Green College Staff

Trevor Campbell, Assistant Professor, Statistics

Trevor Campbell is an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics. His research tends to fall broadly in the realm of computational statistics and machine learning. He is most interested in developing and studying automated, scalable algorithms with solid statistical guarantees; these remain computationally efficient when dealing with large amounts of data, require little to no statistical expertise to use, and can be trusted to perform well due to rigorous theoretical analysis of their behaviour. Although much of his work is theoretical and computational, he also has a wide variety of applied interests: He is actively involved in studying the contagion of violence in police social networks in Chicago, adding rigorous uncertainty quantification to aerospace composite part manufacturing processes, modelling the behaviours of gentoo penguins in the antarctic, and capturing the evolutionary processes of biological cells as they progress from progenitor stem cells to more specialized types.


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