Our Foundation Fellows

Foundation fellows

The title of Foundation Fellow is given to individuals who have made a historic contribution to the College, either at the time of its initial foundation or in years after.

Green College’s Foundation Fellows are:

  • ✝Cecil H. Green, KBE, Founder
  • Dianna Ericson, author of Green College, UBC: Its Architecture and History; widow of Richard V. Ericson, Founding Principal of Green College (1993–2003)
  • ✝Richard V. Ericson, Principal, 1993-2003
  • ✝William C. Gibson, former Chancellor, University of Victoria
  • John Gilbert CM, Emeritus Principal of the College of Health Disciplines and Professor of Audiology and Speech Sciences, UBC
  • ✝John Grace OC, Emeritus Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, UBC
  • The Hon. William C. Graham PC QC
  • Judith Hall OC, Emeritus Head and Professor of Pediatrics, UBC and BC Children’s Hospitals
  • Graham Kelsey, Professor Emeritus of Educational Studies, UBC
  • Paul M. Merrick, Merrick Architecture, architect of Green College
  • The Right Hon. Beverley McLachlin PC CC CSt, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (2000-17)
  • ✝David W. Strangway, President of UBC, 1985-97
  • Peter Suedfeld, Emeritus Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Psychology, UBC
  • Ellis Ripley Trafford, great-grandniece of Alice Lily Lefevre, original owner of the mansion that became Graham House at Green College