John V. Clyne Lectures at Green College: (1) Where Are the Students?

Registration is now closed for this event but some places will still be available in the Coach House for those who arrive in good time on the evening, and there will also be ample overflow seating for a livestream in the Great Hall.

Robert Gibbs, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, and Inaugural Director of the Jackman Humanities Institute (2007-2017), University of Toronto

Coach House, Green College, UBC
Tuesday, January 15, 5-6:30 pm, with reception to follow

in the series
John V. Clyne Lectures at Green College: The Future of University Study—Ideas in Dialogue
Where do the students live? Where do they study? Starting from the ambitious dormitory building project at UBC, we will explore two ideas about university study: isolation and permeability. The concept of urban epistemology will conclude the lecture, offering reflection on how students also learn in the city. This is the first in a series of three lectures: (1) Where Are The Students? - January 15, (2) How Will We Study? - February 12 and (3) When Is Study For? - March 12.