Green College Outreach Committee: 2017-18 Fundraising Success!

Over the past year, the Green College Outreach Committee contributed to raising awareness about Vancouver’s opioid crisis and raised funds for Insite Supervised Injection Facility in the downtown Eastside. The Committee successfully organized several events throughout the year, including silent auctions, a documentary screening and an expert discussion panel on the opioid crisis. They also liaised with other committees, notably the Social Committee, to continue fundraising efforts at the Winter and Spring Gala, and with the GC Players, who accommodated a silent auction during the run of their annual play. In addition, Committee members volunteered in the community (DTES) from January – April by helping a local organization serve breakfast and coffee for people who are challenged by homelessness and poverty.

Message from Ine Beljaars, Green College Resident Member; Chair, Outreach Committee (2017-18):

It is with great pride I would like to inform you that the Outreach Committee raised $3,204.30 for Insite Supervised Injection Facility this year (exceeding our $2,500 goal). In addition to fundraising for Insite, the Outreach Committee also volunteered at Mission Possible’s breakfast programs and coffee house events in the downtown Eastside from January-April. Thank you to all the resident members who dedicated their time and energy to serve the community.A big thanks to the Outreach Committee co-chairs and all the members who made this year an incredible success, with special thanks to Kristina, Kavelina, Gina, Ali, Christiana and Ryan, who demonstrated incredible dedication and commitment in their fundraising. I would also like to thank all Green College staff, other committee chairs and resident members. Last but not least thank you to all the donors, and of course thank you to all Greenies! Whether you gave in time, money, support, goods, gifts, services, friendship, volunteering, etc, we couldn’t have done it without your generous support!

The funds were delivered to Insite’s general manager Darwin Fisher on July 11. Insite plans to use the money to support the organization of events by the community, for the community. Please follow @InsiteOfficial on Twitter for updates.

I’m happy and sad to now officially close this year’s Outreach Committee efforts. I wish the new Chair and Committee the best of luck in the upcoming year, and hope that they can benefit from the momentum created. We have had an amazing team ranging between 10-20 resident members overall, and I hope some of you decide to stay on the Committee in the upcoming year. It was through constructive teamwork that we have been able to accomplish our goals. Working together with all of you was incredibly rewarding, and I am very grateful for this experience (wiping away a tear!) I cannot thank everyone enough!

YIIF and community service,
On behalf of the Outreach Committee,

Members of 2017/2018 Outreach Committee:
Ine Beljaars, Department of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Tim Campbell, Political Science
Katherine Cheng, Philosophy
Mollie Holmberg, Geography
Taavita Hemraj, Nursing and Public Health
Gina Hsu, English
Ryan Patrick Jones, School of Journalism
Ibukun (Christiana) Kayode, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ali Motamedi, Surgery
Elizabeth Strauss, Nursing
Alex Terpstra, Psychology
Kavelina Torres, Creative Writing
Azhar Tyabji, School of Community and Regional Planning
Kristina Vaculik, Public Health