Green College Dining Society


The Green College Dining Society (GCDS) is an independent society that oversees the provision of meals to members of Green College and guests from the wider community, serving daily meals to residents as well as providing catering services for events held at the College.

Members of the GCDS are comprised of Resident Members of the College, who automatically become members when they take up residence. All resident members, and those staying in guest accommodation, participate in the meal plan organized by the Dining Society.

The GCDS is governed by a Board of Directors with Executive Officers elected annually by members of the Society. The GCDS operates a full-service kitchen in Graham House, managed by the Kitchen Manager who oversees GCDS staff.

GCDS Board of Directors

Executive Officers:


  • Clark Lundeen (Ex Officio, Green College Representative),

GCDS Staff

  • Damien Terezakis
    Damien Terezakis, Manager
    Phone: 604-822-3211 / email:

    Business Contacts

    The Green College Dining Society kitchen and office are located in Room 42, in the basement of Graham House, Green College. Guests interested in attending a regular dinner night at the College should email the kitchen at  to make a reservation.

    Clients interested in catering should speak with the Green College Hospitality Coordinator at or 604-822-8660.

    Mailing Address

    Postal mail is received and sorted by the Green College Office. Please send mail to the address below:

    Green College Dining Society
    c/o Green College, UBC
    6201 Cecil Green Park Road
    Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z1