Fireplace Responsiblity Form

Firestarters must remain on watch while the fire is lit, or have a clear designate responsible to watch the fire until it’s extinguished. Anyone should be able to walk into the Piano Lounge and ask who the responsible person is. If a Firestarter cannot stay for the duration of an event or gathering, please use this form to indicate who the responsible person is.

Fireplaces in Common Spaces
Green College has wood-burning fireplaces. Resident Member volunteers are approved by the Green College Office for fire-lighting and woodcutting duties. To have the fireplace lit on a cold day, two main criteria must be met:

  • Benefit. The use of the fireplace is generally restricted to organized events and activities where several members and/or guests would benefit from it.
  • Responsibility. Someone must be present at all times and be clearly responsible for tending to and extinguishing the fire

Fireplace Rules:

  • Both criteria (benefit, responsibility) must be met before lighting a fire will be considered.
  • The fireplace may only be lit by Green College staff member or an approved resident “Firestarter.”
  • During office hours, only Green College staff may authorize a fire.
  • Outside those hours, a Firestarter may authorize and light a fire

Please remember:
Tending the fire isn't just about keeping the fire controlled and an appropriate size, but also responsible for controlling the people in the room. Some people may want to add wood for a bigger fire, and some may simply want to 'play' with it. As a designate, you agree to these responsibilities.