A Reimagined Community: Green College Goes Virtual

Green College Staff

A Reimagined Community

Green College Goes Virtual

The beauty of Green College has always been its sense of community. Being a resident means more than merely renting a room: it is a place of friendship, collective living, and above all a community. The global pandemic, and the social distancing measures that have been implemented as a result, have put a stop to the usual routine of the college. Before, residents were encouraged to attend meals together in the dining hall and have animated face-to-face conversations together. Now meal times are no longer shared, physical face-to-face interactions are discouraged, and the numbers of actual residents remaining in the college are dwindling as people return to be with family and loved ones through the pandemic.

The dynamic has shifted in college. But instead of disintegrating, the community has reformed. It is adapting daily, and as it adapts it changes the very definition of community that we once embodied. In a time that resists the kind of social living that the residents previously enjoyed, virtual communication has become the solution.

As innovative as ever, Greenies have taken it upon themselves to create new ways of sharing thoughts and ideas, and develop a new ‘space’ for Green College to thrive. The GC players, for example, adeptly adapted their April play to become a Zoom based performance, which you will be able to watch online in the near future.

There may be more physical (distancing) boundaries than before, but suddenly geographical location has no bearing on your ability to partake in group discussions, activities, performances, and so on. It is no longer relevant whether you are in the same room, building, city, province, or even country. The college community has transcended the need for a single location, and proved that ideas and friendship are stronger than governmentally mandated social restrictions.

Look out for upcoming posts on the newly founded GC Radio, as well as the GC Players’ recent performance of Hold My Hand. Check out last week’s blog that explored some Social-Distancing Tips and Tricks, and ways to stay social and sane during this challenging time.

by: Mairi Stirling Hill, Department of English Language and Literature, UBC   @MairiJSHill