Meet Tamara Mitchell, Assistant Professor, Spanish (French, Hispanic and Italian), Green College Leading Scholar 2019-21

Green College Staff

Tamara Mitchell, Assistanat Professor, Spanish (French, Hispanic and Italian)

Tamara specializes in 20th- and 21st-century Mexican and Central American narrative fiction, particularly as relates to border and diaspora studies. Her research examines the evolving role of politics and aesthetics in the present epoch of neoliberal globalization. One of the central questions that her work addresses is how “national literatures” (Mexican literature, Guatemalan literature, etc.) respond to the transnational exchanges of globalization. To that end, her book manuscript, tentatively titled Unbounded: Latin American Literature in the Age of Technological Globalization, considers how globalization is being leveraged by Latin American thinkers and artists to critique and shape world relations.

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Recent publications: “Geopoetics, Geopolitics, and Violence: (Un)Mapping Daniel Alarcón’s Lost City Radio” (September 2019) in Latin American Perspectives

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