Meet Lorien Nesbitt, Assistant Professor (Urban Forestry), Green College Leading Scholar 2019-21

Green College Staff

Lorien Nesbitt, Assistanat Professor (Urban Forestry), Faculty of Forestry

Lorien Nesbitt's research focuses on urban forestry and socio-ecological interactions in urban environments, with an emphasis on environmental justice, human health, well-being, and climate change. She employs mixed methods approaches, as appropriate to the research project, and has expertise ranging from spatial analysis and machine learning to qualitative interview analysis and survey design. She is currently examining three interrelated topics (1) the relationship between greenness exposure and public health outcomes in urban environments, with a focus on spatio-temporal metrics and climate change; 2) urban forest governance and resilience to social and ecological stresses; and 3) urban green equity in multicultural cities. In the realm of urban green equity, her current research is particularly concerned with understanding the nature and dynamics of green gentrification, i.e., the physical or psychological displacement of residents due to local greening activities.


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