The Arts and Sciences of Living Now

As it nears its 25th anniversary in 2018, Green College renews it commitment to “university thinking at large” with a program of public lectures and discussions designed to encourage multidisciplinary conversation, test the limits of disciplinary and professional expertise, and build cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral capacity.

The following series will run through the coming year, and are open to all. Each series is below. For more on our programming, please refer to the “What’s on…” section of the College’s home-page or scan our our full listing of events here, On the sidebar of our full listing, you may also subscribe to our weekly Green List newsletter.

The Arts of Living Now (Term 1 only), hosted by Writer in Residence Anne Simpson

Hope in the Anthropocene: Sustainability Solutions and Inspirations

Living with the Dead: Cultural Heritage, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities

Worlds of Wonder: People Making Places Sacred

Transforming Sounds: How Music Changes in Time, Changes Us, and Changes Our Worlds

A Study in Movement—In Three Movements (Leading Scholars’ Series) 

The Passions that Drive Academic Life (Senior Scholars’ Series)

How to Attend Dinner:

Guests are always welcome to join Resident Members for dinner at the College ($16 students, $20 others). Dinner is served in the Great Hall of Graham House, and the servery is open between 6:15 and 7:30pm. Dinner includes three courses with usually a meat or vegetarian option and coffee/tea/juice. Wine and beer may be purchased with dinner.  Note, however, that the kitchen cannot guarantee a full array of menu-choices for those who arrive after 7:15pm. Reservations are required. For information on how to make a reservation, click here.