Resident Committee Event Request Form

All Resident Committee events expecting more than 6 people, and/or requiring a budget, must go through this booking-and-approval process.

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  • Resident Members must not participate in in-person events if they feel unwell or are in quarantine.
  • All event participants are expected to wash and/or sanitize their hands immediately before and after any in-person event
  • Physical distancing for in-person events must be strictly observed at all times; if indoors, participants must wear masks
  • All events must adhere to the occupancy limits of the space, as posted in the space and as documented in our published COVID-19 Safety Plan on our website
  • All in-person event participants must be logged for contact tracing purposes, via the QR sheet, or directly via this URL:
  • No persons from outside the residential community at Green College are permitted to participate in in-person Resident Committee events
  • Off-site Resident Committee events may require an activity waiver (e.g. hike, etc.)
  • No in-person event can exceed 50 participants