Resident Committee Activity Request Form

All Resident Committee activities and events must submit their proposals through this webform. Whether getting general supplies or proposing an event on or off College spaces, this form begins a process to get approval for spending, check room availability, begin conversations about safety and cleanup protocols, etc..

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  • Resident Members must not participate in in-person events if they feel unwell, are awaiting COVID-19 test results, and/or have been required to quarantine
  • Must observe any relevant additional restrictions on events and gatherings as required by the Provincial Health Officer, such as participant limits
  • All event participants are expected to follow appropriate hygiene protocols such as washing/sanitizing hands before and after any in-person event
  • All event participants are expected to avoid unnecessary congregation; where appropriate, keep a safe distance
  • Non-medical masks are required for indoor activities
  • Contact registration for tracing purposes is not required but a simple signup is recommended
  • All event participants must follow relevant signage and safety protocols in the activity space(s)
  • Off-site Resident Committee events may require an activity waiver (e.g. hike, etc.)