Guest Policy for COVID-19

Last updated September 7, 2022


  • BC’s Post-Secondary Institution Housing COVID-19 Preventive Measures Order requires residents of university housing to be vaccinated. This order sets a high standard of protection against COVID-19 for anyone living in residence. The order does not, however, apply to guests in university residences, whether they visit during the day or stay overnight.
  • Standard rules for guests, including overnight guests of Resident Members of Green College are included in the Residence Contract and Resident Handbook under “Guests.”
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability of Resident Members to host guests has from time to time been limited in accordance with Provincial Health Orders.
  • Overnight guests are normally required to participate in the Green College Dining Society (GCDS) meal services for the days they are at Green College.
  • Meals, whether prepared by the GCDS or by Resident Members in the Common Kitchen, are obtained in indoor common areas, where there is an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19:
    • GCDS meals are served in the Servery and consumed in the Great Hall.
    • The current GCDS system of boxed meals and bagged breakfasts is designed for Resident Members, and provides meals that are stored until pickup in the basement of Graham house.
    • The Common Kitchen is a small, high-traffic area for personal meal preparation and consumption by Resident Members.

Aims of This Policy

  • To protect the Green College resident community by limiting collective exposure to guests
  • To provide a regular process for all Resident and Staff Members to follow
  • To ensure rules are clear to those hosting guests


  • “Guests” are persons visiting Green College, who
    • do not normally reside at Green College
    • have been invited to visit Green College for a short period of time
    • are hosted by Resident Members of Green College, or by the College on behalf of the University
  • “Overnight Guests” are guests (as above) who have been invited by Resident Members or Green College to stay overnight
  • Writers, artists, scholars and other special visitors invited by the College to stay for an extended period are not considered as guests under this policy. They are considered to be Visitors in Residence and part of the residential community.
  • “Public events” are events hosted by Green College and advertised beyond the residential community, such as lectures held in the Coach House, or receptions held in the Reception Rooms in Graham House.
  • “Indoor common areas” include all spaces in the Green Commons, Coach House, Graham House, and Common Kitchen buildings.

General Rules for Guests at Green College

Rules Prescribed by UBC Housing

  • Guests must abide by all COVID-19 rules set by the Province of BC, UBC, Student Housing and Green College. These rules can change at any time. See References and Resources section below.

Additional Rules Specific to Green College

  • Guests are permitted to be in indoor common areas if with their Resident Member hosts.

Special Procedures for Overnight Guests at Green College

Guests of Resident Members

  • Resident Members who want to host an overnight guest must complete a guest responsibility webform, available on the Green College website.
  • The webform states the guest rules and expectations.
  • Overnight guests of Resident Membersare required to participate in the GCDS meal services. Resident Members may purchase additional meals for their overnight guests from the GCDS.
    • By completing the additional meal request form available on the website.
    • The cost of guest meals will be added by the GCDS bookkeeper to your monthly statement.
    • Meals for guests may be enjoyed in the Great Hall, or may be  picked up by the hosting Resident Member from the Servery in a takeout container on behalf of the guest.

Guests of Green College

  • Guests of Green College are permitted to dine during GCDS meal services.

References and Resources

  • BC Provincial Health Orders
  • Post-Secondary Institution Housing COVID-19 Preventive Measures Order
  • COVID Campus Rules   
  • Student Housing Rules
  • Green College Rules