Green Lanterns

The Green Lanterns are a group of volunteer Resident Members who are committed to providing social support and problem solving assistance at the peer-level. Green Lantern candidates are nominated to the Green Lantern Selection Committee, a committee comprised of Resident Members and current Green Lanterns. Successful nominees are then endorsed by Green College, however they operate independently from Green College. Discussions with Green Lanterns are confidential outside of rare and exceptional circumstances such as when self-harm or harm to others is likely to occur. Whether or not it is related to the College, Green Lanterns are here for you.

  • If you want advice on how to work through an interpersonal problem
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed with your studies
  • If you would like a mediator for a problem with another resident
  • If there is a community issue but you prefer to talk to a resident rather than office staff
  • If you are feeling lonely, depressed, homesick, or unsafe
  • If you need advice or help accessing UBC support resources
  • If you just need someone sympathetic to talk to, about anything at all.

Click here to submit an anonymous comment, set up an appointment, or submit a comment for anonymous advice.

  • Jane Kuznetsova
    Jane Kuznetsova

    My name is Jane (she/her or they/them), and I’m a PhD student in Language and Literacy Education, focusing in particular on relationship studies and games and multimedia. I grew up in Moscow, Russia, moved to Canada in 2015 for my Master’s degree at the University of Alberta, and in 2019 moved from Edmonton once again to start my doctoral studies here in Vancouver. The time that I have free from answering various emails I usually spend catching up on Tumblr, playing D&D, making playlists on Spotify and walking or hiking. I have a lot of experience dealing with problems related to studying, academic relationships and productivity, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any of those. I also have a fair bit of background (academic and otherwise) in queer studies, intimacy and interpersonal relationship building, so if you’re looking for a person to hear you out, or to recommend resources, or are just interested in chatting about these with someone, please contact me whenever you want!


  • Matt Dietrich
    Matt Dietrich

    My name is Matt and I'm a MSc student in the Department of Computer Science. This is my second year as a Green Lantern and I'm grateful for the chance to stay here a little bit longer. I'm originally from Ontario - I left the corporate Toronto world behind to experience life on the west coast. When I have time away from my desk, I enjoy learning guitar, sailing, reading mystery novels, and trying to keep plants alive.


  • Rodney Stehr
    Rodney Stehr

    My name is Rodney Stehr (he/him/they/them) and I am a second year MSc student in the interdisciplinary studies graduate program at UBC. I have experience working with youth, caregivers, and service providers on difficult conversations around sexual health, mental health, substance use, and racism and discrimination. Much of my research focuses on the area of 2SLGBTQ+ health, and so if you need help finding services or queer-competent providers I am always willing to lend a hand and help locate providers. Feel free to send me an email or say hi to me while I am wandering around outside of my room. I am always willing to make space in my day and we can always schedule a time to meet.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Green Lanterns?

Green Lanterns are a group of Resident Members who are committed to providing social support and problem solving assistance at the peer-level. Whether or not it is related to the College, they are here for you. These situations include, but are not limited to, preferring to talk about an issue with a resident rather than office staff, working through an interpersonal problem, or just needing someone to talk to. Green Lanterns provide improve awareness of and referrals to relevant UBC resources as appropriate.

How are the Green Lanterns selected and trained? 

Resident Members were asked to nominate themselves or peers as Green Lantern candidates. The Green Lantern Selection Committee, composed of resident volunteers, then interview nominees and ask behavioural-based questions about handling difficult situations. Selected Green Lanterns are then provided training.

How do I get in contact with a Green Lantern? 

Contact information will be posted in the common kitchen and on the notice boards outside the Servery in the Great Hall (Graham House). In addition, they can be found on the Green College website. If you would like to speak to one of them, you are welcome to email them and set up an appointment, catch them when they're meandering around the college, or knock on one of their doors. 

Will my discussion with a Green Lantern remain confidential?

Discussions with Green Lanterns are confidential outside of rare and exceptional circumstances. When self-harm or harm to others is likely to occur, Green Lanterns are duty-bound to refer the matter to an outside party. In all other circumstances, they do not discuss what is said to them with each other or with anyone else.