• Yankai Cao, Chemical and Biological Engineering; Katie Marshall, Zoology; Tamara Mitchell, French, Hispanic and Italian
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    Thursday, January 14, 5-6:30 pm
    in the series
    Green College Leading Scholars' Series: Building Worlds in Uncertain Times: Power, Culture, Pedagogy
  • “Waste Not” is both an imperative and a challenge to how we conceive of waste, and specifically, excrement. Although many might view feces as a material that is best left out of sight and out of mind (and out of smelling radius), it has served as an important energy source and building material for a variety of species throughout the history of the earth. Humans, too, have a long history of utilizing feces in daily life. For millennia, fecal matter has been used by peoples to fertilize fields, as fuel for heat, in art, and as building material. Through three short talks and an interactive group activity (scat-venger hunt), we invite you to rethink your feelings on poop.

    Building Worlds in Uncertain Times: Power, Culture, Pedagogy: Recent events have rocked the ways in which we—as thinkers, creators, educators, humans—move through the world, interact and communicate with others, and envision a sustainable and just future. In response to the uncertainties wrought by evolving relationships with our cities and geographies, climate change, the pandemic, and global calls for racial justice, the 2019-2021 Green College Leading Scholars seek to think together how we understand and represent our lived environments and how to build (toward) a world that is both more equitable and less destructive. We invite you to rethink—with and against us—the relation between arts and space, structures of power, waste societies, pedagogical practices, and what it means to inhabit the world.

    Yankai CaoKatie MarshallTamara Mitchell

    Learn more about the 2019-21 cohort of Leading Scholars, including individual biographies, here: https://greencollege.ubc.ca/leading-scholars-2019-21

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January 14th, 2021 5:00 PM through  6:30 PM
Online Lecture via Zoom
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